10 Facts You Didnt Know About Diamonds

10 Facts You Didnt Know About Diamonds

Diamonds have been a symbol of power, love, fame, fortune, and of course, a woman’s best friend. Regardless of your gender, everyone has seen the special advertisements by jewelers, especially during valentine’s day. Aside from those, here are a few facts about the precious gemstone that you may not know. Here is a list of 10 uncommon facts.

#10. —Diamonds are almost fireproof and can withstand temperatures until they reach a scorching 1292 degrees Fahrenheit.

#9. Diamond crystals were brought closer to the Earth’s surface by deeply rooted and violent volcanic eruptions.

#8. The famous Cullinan diamond is the largest rough diamond to be found. It originally weighed 3,106 carats or a little bit over 1.3 pounds.

#7. Diamonds are used for more than just necklaces, earrings, and rings. Specific saw bladers have been construcuted from diamond particles because of the gemstones strength. These saws that have been equipped with diamonds can cut through rocks, brick, and concrete easily.

#6. Do you know what makes a diamond so special? If you thought about the basic principles of economics (supply/demand), you are wrong. According to the Washington Post, clever marketing claims and artificially controlled supply keeps the prices high.

#5. In 2012, a Russian asteroid crater held over $1 quadrillion worth of diamonds. The 62 mile long crater found in eastern Siberia contained trillions of carats, which is enough to satisfy the market demand for roughly 3000 years.

#4. The deceased can be transformed into diamonds. A Swiss company can take your cremated remains, compress them into a precious gemstone for loved ones to keep forever.

#3. India has an intimate relationship with diamonds. Until the 18th century, the only diamond mines on the earth existed in India.
#2. A large portion of diamonds that have been discovered in nature are 1-3 billion years old.

#1. There are diamonds found outside of our planet and can be found in abundance. Scientists at Yale have found a planet called 55 Cancri E, which is twice as big as earth, and is almost completely full of diamonds.