Baume Et Mercier Life Is About Moments

Baume & Mercier, defines excellence with it’s motto and consistent belief: “Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality”.

A new ad campaign that was shot by Peter Lindberg will reveal an intimate and universal photographic stories such as a commitment, wedding, birth, achievement, and a holiday.

Each of the photographs will tell a story that far exceeds the seconds, minutes, and hours. Time is marked by rare moments. “Life is made of these special, solemn, exceptional moments filled with emotion, that we enjoy celebrating and that we remember forever”.

Receiving a gift is a symbol that transcends its material reality. This creates an eternal bond from the giver to the receiver.

Every moment that is featured in the campaign marks the celebrations in one’s life, which is the main theme from Baume & Mercier’s “Life is about moments” adage.

The campaign will debut in May 2014.