Berger Classique Las Musicale Box

The Breguet classical “La Musicale” timepiece is one of the most fascinating, mesmerizing, and unique complications in the horology world. The watch has the ability to turn into a musical box that plays a crystal-toned version of “The Thieving Magpie” overture by Rossini either on demand by the user or at a set specific time for a melodic reminder.

Inside the innovative and highly technical 48mm x 16.3mm timepiece holds a patented musical mechanism. A highly technical timepiece houses a Breguet patented musical mechanism and a disc that carries the pins which replaces the traditional music box cylinder. A Liquidmetal enhances the listening pleasure, the timepiece is equipped with the first magnetic strike governor in watchmaking history. A patented system, is equipped with magnets isolated within the cage that eliminate the background noise .

Breguet Classique La Musicale


The Breguet classical “La Musicale” 48mm x 16.3mm is fitted with two off centered push buttons located on the left side of the case and two off-centered crowns on the right side. The top push buttom is used to activate the musical box on demand and the button one is used to turn the alarm/musical reminder between the on and off positions. The bottom crown is used to wind and power the alarm module and also to set the desired alarm time. The top crown is used to wind the movement and allows the user to set the hours and minutes.
Breguet Classique La Musicale Side View 2


The rotating dial on the watch is made of platinum, and has a chapter ring with Roman numerals. It features a small alarm module power reserve indicator located at the 3 o’clock position and an on/off alarm indicator between 9 and 10 o’clock that displays a musical note when the alarm is set to the on position. Completing the luxurious, and elegant aesthetics of the dial, the timepiece has the canonical blue anodized “Breguet” hands that represent the hours andminutes and a straight hand with a clef at the bottom for the alarm.


Breguet Classique La Musicale Angle View

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