alexandre dumas breguet quote

Stendhal – “Breguet makes a watch which for twenty years never goes wrong, while the pitiful machine by which we live runs amiss and produces pain at least once a week.”

Pushkin – “A dandy on the boulevards (…), strolling at leisure until his Breguet, ever vigilant, reminds him it is midday.”

Propser Merimee – “The traveller regrets taking so much money with him. He looks at his Breguet watch – perhaps it’s for the last time. He would have been happier if it were hanging safely from his mantelpiece in Paris.”

Balzac – “He drew out the most delicious thin watch that Breguet had ever made. Fancy, it is eleven o’clock, I was up early.”

Alexandre Dumas – “Danglars’ watch, a masterpiece by Breguet which he had rewound with care before setting out the previous day, chimed half past five in the morning.”

Henry Murger – “Rodolphe found Mademoiselle Laure at the trysting place. Good, said he, for punctuality she is a feminine Breguet.”

Victor Hugo – “At times the heart plays tricks and lets us down. The vigilant are right. For God (the mighty Breguet) gave us faith, and seeing it was good, improved it with a watchful eye.”

John Fowles – “He takes out his watch, a Breguet (…) an instrument from the bench of the greatest of watchmakers.”

Patrick O’Brian – “They were both indeed Breguet watches, wonderfully accurate, wonderfully resistant (…).”

Jiro Asada – “My watch that you see here is a jewel made by a great craftsman called Breguet. It seems that it was once treasured by King Louis and Queen Marie-Antoinette. It’s a real masterpiece, of unequalled precision.”