Breguet Tourbillon Patent Day

Breguet Tourbillon Patent Day

Developed roughly around 1795 by Abraham Louis Breguet, and patented on June 26, 1801, a tourbillon is an additional mechanic of a watch escapement. A tourbillon aims to counter the effects of gravity by mounting the escapement and balance wheel in a rotating cage, which negates the effect of gravity on the timepiece when it is stuck in a certain position.

A tourbillon was intended to compensate for errors, fluctuations in functioning, and improve accuracy of the timepiece. The tourbillon is considered by many horology makers to be one of the most challenging watch mechanisms to create. The first tourbillon mechanism was produced by Breguet for of Napoleon’s carriage clocks.

Breguet Tourbillion 1801 Patent

Celebrate Breguet Tourbillion Day (June 26) with select Breguet timepieces from Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers.

Breguet Marine Tourbillion Chronograph
The Breguet Marine Tourbillon Chronograph 5837BR/92/5ZU has an elegant 18 carat pink gold 42mm case with black rhodium plated dial in 18 carat gold. Roman numerals and luminous dots are found on the chapter ring, 30 minutes totaliser at 3 o’clock position, 12 hour totaliser at 6 o’clock position, and running seconds on the part titanium tourbillon carriage found at the 12 o’clock position. A comfortable rubber strap with folding clasp completes the luxurious look.

Breguet Marine Tourbillion Chronograph 5837BR/92/5ZU
Breguet Classique Grande Complication

Breguet’s Classique Grande Complication 5317BA/12/9V6 is a testimony to the centuries old creation of one of the most peerless timepiece and mechanical mastery. The timepiece has a luxurious 18 carat yellow gold 39mm case, silvered gold dial, hand engraved on a rose engine and the world renowned Breguet tourbillon. This timepiece has self winding movement which was engraved by hand

Breguet's Classique Grande Complication 5317BA/12/9V6

Breguet Tradition
The Tradition 7047BR/G9/9ZU has a 41mm 18 carat rose gold case with a intricately fluted case band. Dial in black coated engine turned 18 carat gold, off centered at 7’oclock position, and a 60 second tourbillon found at 1 o’clock. The timepiece has mechanical hand wound movement with tourbillon. The constant torque is ensured throughout the entire watch due to the fuse and chain transmission.



View the videos below for more information about this illustrious mechanism and stop by Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers to see select Breguet tourbillon timepieces for yourself!

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