The Breitling B55 is the company’s first connected chronograph that has placed the world of smartphones together with the world of horology to enhance functionality.

Last year, Breitling released its B50 model that housed a Caliber B50 movement an electronic multi-function chronograph movement with analog and digital displays. This movement allowed the timepiece and pilots a vast range of innovative functions along with superlative and unprecedented ease of use and readability. The brand decided to upgrade the timepiece with the latest technology that will be found in the B55 model.

Enabling a two-way communication between the instruments creates a perfectly complementary pair to allow the user to have complete control over the timepiece. The smartphone and its ergonomic interfect, the user can perform specific adjustments such as time-setting, timezone, alarms, display and operating parameters, nightmode, and much more. Also, the user may also upload the results of the measurements from the chronograph to the smartphone where they can be read easily, saved and stored, and or passed along to someone else. This new connected watch system facilitates the use of the chronograph functions allows a large gain in both comfort and efficiency./

The B55 has an omnibus amount of functions which includes an electronic tachnometer, a countdown/countup system that enables a sequence of countdown and “long duration” timing (Mission Elapsed Time) operations, along with an eminently aviation-oriented “chrono flight” device that is useful in recording flight times while memorizing the take-off time, landing time and date.

Although to many, these functions would be difficult to manage or navigate, the B55 is equipped with a simple and logical control mode that involves function selection through the rotation of the crown and activation/deactivation by two push pieces.

Completing the overall look is two ultra-legible LCD screens that have a high-intensity back lighting system that can be activate by pressing the crown or when the watch is titled above a 35 degree angle. Also, a miniaturized rechargeable battery system allows the watch to be charged via the main grid or a computer USB port.

Breitling B55 Connected Phone

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