Diamond Reveals Hidden Water Inside Earth

Diamond Reveals Hidden Water Inside Earth

A recent finding of an eroded diamond (valued at $10) is being used as evidence of a vast “hidden ocean” deep inside the earth. This gemstone was found in the gravel of a shallow river in Mato Grosso, Brazil.

Although the diamond may not look as pretty as the ones found on fancy diamond engagement rings, it may concurrently prove that this “hidden ocean” could hold as much water as all the world’s seas combined. Canadian geochemist Graham Pearson from the University of Alberta described how that gem is the only surface sample ever found of a deep-earth mineral.

Other researchers and scientists have hypothesized for a long time that minerals such as ringwoodite, have the ability to store water molecules within their crystal structure. This diamond may also prove to be concrete evidence for a long-held theory involving major geological processes.

Scientists discovered this diamond during a search for a way to properly date diamonds and other gemstones. Although this finding was by chance, researchers believe meticulous sample preparation will lead them to finding more samples.

If scientists are able to find more samples such as the aforementioned, then many theories may be put to rest.