Diamond Ring Lost Over Text Message

You may want to rethink your text messages that you send the next time you are angry. Recently, a simple text message to an ex-girlfriend has cost a New York Man a $53,000 diamond engagement ring.

Louis Billittier Jr. broke up with his soon to be bride in 2012, via a text message. His girlfriend Christa Clark replied “Your doing this through a text message???,” he replied, “Plus you get a $50,000 parting ring. Enough for a down payment on a house.”

Billittier should have used precaution prior to sending this message because it has come back to haunt him. These fateful words were enough evidence for a state Supreme Court judge to rule that the ring is a “parting gift” and no longer involved in a marriage contract.
Billittier attempted to sue Clark through civil court in hopes of having the ring returned to him.

However, due to the state’s established law, it has a precedence that sides with would-be grooms. These grooms are legally enittlted to claim the ring back even if there is no marriage and or the groom calls off the wedding. Judge Russell Buscalgia made the decision in favor of Clark stating that she is entitlted to the 2.97-carat white gold diamond ring or equal market value.