Diamond Studded Handbag

British designer, Christopher Shellis has recenetly created a women’s clutch bag that costs $180,000 and has a 1,000 year guarantee. The diamond studded handbag is so small that it can hardly hold more than a cell phone. Although the tiny bag measures 7×5 inches, the weight of the bag surprisingly comes at half a kilogram.

It took Shellis and a team of artisan goldsmiths and diamond setters over 100 hours to embed 345 diamonds across the 18 carat gold bag. The finished product was inspired and designed mimicking the Buckingham Palace gates.

“Like the palace gates, it conveys its own very regal presence. It would not look out of place among the collection of jewels in the Tower of London itself. It could easily be worn by any royal princess” said Shellis.

Although Shellis believes that this clutch is the most expensive in the world, there indeed exists a more expensive piece. The world’s most expensive handbag is an 18k carat gold Mouawad 1,000 Nights Diamond Purse that is embedded with over 4,500 diamonds. The price tag of this luxurious one of a kind purse comes at a whopping $3.8 million and can be found in the 2010 Guinness World Records for being the most expensive purse in the world.