Diamonds Preserve Departed

Diamonds Preserve Departed

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, an investors trusty sidekick, and a family heirloom that tells a story. However, people may be surprised to know that they may also be their pet, mother, or father.

Swiss company Algordanza takes human or pet cremated remains and compresses them under high heat and pressure to create unique diamond gemstones.

Most customers will receive a blue gemstone because of the boron (which is found in bone formation) found in the remains. Occasionally, a customer may be surprised when they find out that their diamond turned out white, yellow or black. Regardless of the outcome, every diamond will turn out as unique as that individual, one of a kind.

Roughly 800 to 900 cremated remains enter the facility each year and eventually exit the building as a precious diamond gemstone ready for wear or display.

The cost of preserving your beloved in a diamond is between $5,000 – $22,000, which aligns itself in the same price range of some funeral events.

Every time a diamond is created, the family is happy to know that their loved one has returned home.