Game Of Stones - Hunt For Precious Gemstones

Game Of Stones – Hunt For Precious Gemstones


Exquisite gems, polished diamonds and luxurious jewelry have always been used as a marketing tactic by companies and the entertainment industry. Hollywood actors become brand ambassadors by wearing expensive brand name jewelry on and off the screen.

However, now its the gem hunters will receive the attention of the media, thanks to The Discovery Channel’s debut new television show entitled “Game of Stones”. The show is devoted to the exploits of a group of men that seek out the rarest stones and diamonds in the world.

A clear reference to the popular fantasy series “Game of Thrones”, “Game of Stones” debuted in late February. Episodes revolve around a crew of gem hunters called “Gem Guys” and its chief executive officer Don Kogen, as they venture fourth in some of the most dangerous locations in order to obtain special stones before others.

Episodes included adventuring through Thailan, Turkey, Tanzia, India and Brazil.