GIA Gemstone Gathering Bangkok

GIA Gemstone Gathering Bangkok

About a decade ago, a gemologist alongside his friends journeyed to Pailin, a small Cambodian town surrounded by jungle, volcanoes and rivers, to get a rare glimpse into a gem mining world.

Gemological Insitute of America (GIA) will hold a gemstone gathering in Bangkok on April 30 that features Vincent Pardieu, the GIA senior manager of field gemology in Bangkok, on how a Cambodian man named Votha Un taught him that gemology is much more than science, art, history, and trade. It is most importantly about the people.

Pardieu learned much from Pailin, which allowed Pardieu to build his vision and methods of field gemology. Together they made 29 expeditions to Pailin to meet with gem miners, traders, and local citizens. This gave insight to the dynamics of the gem trade there, as well as become cultured.

Pardieu’s research and expertise have been the catalyst for numerous articles in GIA’s Gems & Gemology and various trade publications.


GIA Gemstone Gathering In Bangkok