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GIA Graduate Diamonds Diploma Program in Mumbai

Gemologist Institute of America will bring its world class Graduate Diamonds Diploma program to Mumbai. An ideal place for gemologist education, Mumbai is a major consumer market for gems and jewelry, as well as the home to many established jewelry brands.

The Graduate Diamonds Diploma program spans over seven weeks and commences on January 29 at the Institute’s Mumbai campus. The course allows professionals and aspiring professionals from the area to an access to a world class gemology education.

The Graduate Diamonds program is an amalgamation of theory and pragmatic learning that teaches students the traditional GIA/industry standard 4Cs (Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight) of diamond quality and how to grade diamonds using the D-Z color scale. Students will also have a chance to learn how to use gemological instruments to grade and identify diamonds, how to detect synthetic gemstones, how to treat diamonds, stimulants and fracture filled diamonds and how to confidently speak the colloquial with suppliers, vendors and customers of the area.

Outside of the classroom lessons, GIA facilitates will promote pragmatic learning through regular market visits such as manufacturing facilities and retail houses to gain an understanding of everyday business procedures. Overall, this provides a unique and wonderful opportunity to experience the journey of a diamond from mine to market.

The GIA Graduate Diamonds Diploma is also offered in other cities throughout India which includes Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Surat.

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