Graff Sapphire and Diamond Beaded Tassel Watch

Attendees of the Baselworld 2015 will be treated to an elaborate brooch made by Graff Diamonds. Created with layers of sapphire and diamond beads, this luxurious piece reveals a petite watch that is adorned with more diamonds and sapphires. Continuing its first big entrance when it unveiled its $55 million “Hallucination” timepiece that is covered in 110 carats of fancy colored diamonds, this tasseled watch will probably be another highlight of the show.

A complicated piece to say the least, the sapphire and diamond brooch has several layers of beaded tassels that can be worn in various ways such as a single individual piece, as individual brooches, or as a single brooch with a tassel. It uses more than 330 carats of sapphires and 40 carats of diamonds and took several months to create. To complete the look, one of the tassel groupings conceals a tiny pave diamond watch face that is suspended from a platinum chain.

Framing the overall tassel are two ornate brooches with pear shape sapphires each with pear shaped sapphires located at their centers. Surrounding these sapphires are white diamonds united by five rows of sapphire and diamond beads.

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