Historical Diamond Still Missing
Lord Mayor Count Mike Leddy with the chain which is missing a diamond

Historical Diamond Still Missing

Lord Mayor of Birmingham dropped a four-carat gem over 40 years ago and the search for it still continues. A council has put a £20,000 reward for the discovery of a four carat diamond lost by the Lord Mayor.

This gem disappeared after it dropped unnoticed from Lord Mayor of Birmingham’s civic chain as he inspected a batch of springtime flowers at the tulip festival in Cannon Hill Park in 1974.

The council has been quietly searching for it ever since and informing the groundsmen to be on the lookout for the precious jewel. This gem was donated to the city by Spencer Diamond, a philanthropist in 1850. It was the first diamond ever cut in Birmingham.

With the 40th anniversary drawing near, the committee and groundsmen are hoping they can put this mystery to rest.