During the 1950s, the Horological Society of New York developed, and taught a curriculum that was curated to teach New York City high schoolers the the art of watchmaking. Following the same guidelines as their predecessors, the Horological Society of New York and Hodinkee joined forces to announce Watchmaking 101, an upgraded version of teaching.

The Watchmaking 101 is held in a single session class where professional watchmakers teach the various innards and mechanics to watch movements, how they work, and the fundamentals of efficiently using watchmaking tools. They will also stand aside students to ensure that they can also disassemble their finished product.

To those like myself that do not understand anything about the mechanics of a timepiece but want to be in the known can register for the free class. No experience is required, and you wont have to be a member of Horological Society of New York and a student at a New York City high school.

The first session was held on February 16th and will now continue to be held on the third Monday of every month.

For more information please visit Hodinkee’s website.


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