History – innovation, invention of Breguet

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1780 – Development of the perpetuelle or automatic watch

1783 – Invention of the gong spring for the minute repeater

Design of the famous Breguet hands and numerals

1786 – The breguet dial, engine turned by hand

1789 – The ratchet key known as the “Breguet key”

Escapement working without oil

1790 – Invention of the pare-chute (timepiece shock absorbers)

1792 – Development and production of the mechanism for the Chappe optical telegraph

1795 – First description of the sympathique clocks

Development of the perpetual date calendar

The Breguet balance spring

The ruby cylinder

1786 – The single-hand watch known as the “subscription” watch

1789 – Patent of the constant force escapement (March 9)

Invention of the musical chronometer, the clockwork mechanism that acts as a metronome

1799 – The tact watch

1801 – Patent of the Tourbillon Regulator (June 26)

1810 – Development and production of the first wristwatch, ordered by the Queen of Naples

1812 – Appearance of dials with off-centred chatper ring

1815 – Fine-tuning of the double-barrelled marine chronometer

1819 – Ocular of an astronomical telescope

1820 – Invention of the montre a double seconde or observation chronometer, forerunner of the modern chronograph

1938 0 Start and reset mechanism of a movement with direct-drive seconds hand

1950 – Chronograph reset mechanism

Chronograph minute counter (2 patients)

1990 – The sympathique wristwatcha nd its clock

Double power reserve

1991 – Timepiece with a running equation of time, perpetual equation of time wristwatch

1994 – perpetual calendar mechanism, in-line perpetual calendar wristwatch

1996 – Timepiece movement equipped with a perpetual calendar mechanism

1997 – Patent of the in-line perpetual calendar wristwatch

1998 – The world’s smallest self-winding chronograph movement

2002 – 5 patents registered, including: Moon-phase mechanism (Reine de Naples)

2003 – 7 patents registered, including: Patent for mechanism to lock the alarm function, column-wheel system (Reveil du Tsar)

2004 – 7 patents registered, including: Balance for timepiece movement, titanium balance (Tradition Tourbillon Fusee)

2005 – 15 patents registered, including: Watch equipped with at least two regulating systems (Double Tourbillon)

Shock protection device for balance pivot (Tradition)

2006 – 13 patents registered, including: A musical module for a watch movement (La Musicale)

2007 – 3 patents registered, including: Timepiece comprising a power-reserve display device (Tradition Tourbillon)

2008 – 8 patents registered, including: Gong for a striking or alarm mechanism (minute repeater)

Balance spring with “overcoil” terminal curve in silicon (Tradition Tourbillon)

2009 – 8 patents registered, including: Gong for a timepiece striking mechanism (minute repeater)

Tourbillon timepiece movement equipped with a shock-protection device (Tradition Tourbillon)

2010 – 11 patents registered, including: Timepiece comprising a high-frequency mechanism movement (Type XXII)

Striking watch equipped with an acoustic membrance (La Musicale)

Magnetic pivots and magnetic anti-shock (Classique Chronometrie)

2011 – 19 patents registered, including: A musical module for a watch (La Musicale)

A balance-spring with two spiral springs

Magnetic governor for the transmission wheel(s) of the movement or strike (La Musicale)

2012 – 5 patents registered, including: Balance-spring with two spirals springs featuring improved isochronism

Contact-free torque transfer for timepiece

2013 – 10 patents registered, including: Wheel in a watch pivoting in a magnetic or electrostatic field

Setting the frequency range of a device that produces sound with vibrating blades


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