Israel Diamond Exchange Slogan - Natural Is Real

Israel Diamond Exchange Slogan

At this years Israel Diamond Exchange‘s U.S. & International Diamond Week, the IDE announced it’s slogan for the festival as “Natural Is Real”. IDE’s President, Shmuel Schnitzer said that the slogan reflects the bourse’s ideals and is a direct way to send a clear message to diamantaires around the world. The message also relays that the Isreal Diamond Exchange trade floor will only allow natural diamonds to be bought and sold. Last year, the IDE board coherently decided to ban all trades involving synthetic diamonds on it’s bourse trading floor.

This effort to brand the local diamond trade together should be no surprise to many. This movement is most likely a direct response to the recent upsurge of artificially produced diamonds on the market. The message is also a strong indicator that synthetics cannot take place of the traditional gemstone.

There have been others involved directly involved in the “Natural Is Real” slogan, due to the recent incidences of traders being swindled into purchasing artificial diamonds are raw diamond prices. Companies and organizations have now produced new technologies that will be widespread around bourses and trade shows to help combat the rampant problem of synthetic diamonds.

This slogan has direct implications on the market, and raw diamond prices may see a slight influx after the convention.