Jack Kelege

To Jack Kelége, passion is not a word; it is a way of life. Perfection is not an attribute; it is an absolute—an uncompromising standard that resonates throughout everything he does.

From his modest nature to his extraordinary passion for flawless beauty, one can’t help but marvel at his ability to understand the minds and hearts of his elite clientele. So much so, that his pieces aren’t just purchased, they are collected as treasured heirlooms.

Kelége has been known to sit for hours adjusting the orientation of the diamonds in a necklace that contains no less that eight hundred perfectly matched stones. “I know it is subtle,” he insists, “but whether a piece has 8 diamonds or 800, such as our new Grace Collection, it makes a difference in the way the light refracts and the beauty of the piece.” He has also been known to spend years developing intricate mechanisms that make his jewelry more comfortable to wear—then spending even more time redesigning them for added perfection.

It is Kelége’s obsession with detail, quality, and design that has catapulted him to the very pinnacle of elite jewelers. To say that his company is in a class by itself, however, would be unfair. The legendary Carl Fabergé, royal jeweler to the Imperial Court of Russia, is of a similar standard. “I truly admire Fabergé’s work,” he explains, “because he created everything from delicate earrings and rings to one-of-a-kind, magnificent eggs. He had a way of making everything he crafted beautiful, regardless of its size or importance.”

“Uncompromised quality remains my number one priority,” Kelége asserts. Uncompromised masterpieces remain his signature. While uncompromised loyalty, respect, and admiration from his ever-expanding clientele will most certainly remain the legacy of a man who can only be called “a master of the magnificent.” His pieces truly are like nothing you’ve ever owned.