Jack Kelege Engagement Rings

Jack Kelege is was born a jeweler from the genes passed down to him by his father. Kelege took the craftsmanship from this bloodline and made magic from metal and stones.

Kelege entered the United States in 1971 with blinding talent and a insatiable desire to create stunning, and luxurious jewelry pieces for women. Although he was unable to speak fluent English, his artisan skill set as a diamond setter, and engraver was seen and witnessed without him speaking a single word.

Having a deft attention to detail and love of fine jewels have given him a staunch reputation of one of the finest craftsman in the industry. Kelege’s countless one of a kind pieces elicits ineffable feelings, and is simply awe inspiring.

Every ring is have an aesthetically romantic appeal and the designs are extremely popular with brides searching for something modern and extra ordinary.

Here are a few select rings that we think are exceptional and ideal for those individuals searching for a one of a kind heirloom for their upcoming summer or fall wedding.

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KPR 587-2
Jack Kelege 18k Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring With Rose Gold


Jack Kelege 18k Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring With Vine Detailing


Jack Kelege 18k Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring