The One Hundred Bracelet

One Hundred Bracelet

“The One Hundred” bracelet is comprised of a rich palette of colors that was masterfully created with a rare collection of 100 fancy colored diamonds and weighs 100 carats. Rahaminov Diamonds created this colorful work of art for aficionados that fully appreciate the beauty and rarity of fancy color diamonds. The wide array of colors brings a brilliant aura around every gemstone and every angle shows a different look.

The colors of the diamonds range from fancy dark green grey, fancy orange brown, fancy intense green yellow, fancy gray, and fancy brown pink. The various shapes include squares, pears, hearts, oval, and many others. Every stone is bezel wrapped in 18k pink gold with an open back.

The artisan craftsmanship of this 100% handmade bracelet is shown by each individual link that is connected in platinum one at a time so they interlock together. A beautiful, luxurious, and certainly one of a kind bracelet that is a collector’s dream.