Paolo Rossello was born in La Spezia and from an early age he started customizing new and vintage garments. He moved to Florence, where he studied architecture, and continues to manufacture custom garments. The growing success of its creations convinced Paolo to focus on his passion. The new headquarters is in Bologna and the cultural melting pot of the city is the stimulus that pushed Paul to set up a laboratory where, now, he works full time to create customized vintage garments.

In 1985, P.A.R.O.S.H. (Paolo Rossello Second Hand) was born and it started with an experimental collection inspired by Cindi Lauper. Finally Paolo expressed himself in his own way, revisiting military shirts and Saharan jackets and elaborating a real mix of old and new style that makes Paolo the forerunner of an ironic haute-couture. He gives new life to items that live a new story. The easy-chic flavor of his total-look uses the sartorial touch creating customized outfits and it is now the hallmark of all creations; they seem to be “souvenirs” inspired by distant worlds that blend irony and research in a perfect combination.

Today the brand moved from the original second-hand image to a contemporary one, creating looks for those who want sartorial sophistication in their everyday clothes that can be transformed for any occasion into a valuable, stylish and versatile dress. This is possible thanks to the quality of materials and the craftsmanship of details and embroideries. Each piece is a unique garment. Curiosity has always characterized the seasonal collections: the game is an attitude and the infinite recombinations are the main rule. P.A.R.O.S.H. taste is a “fusion” for high-quality fabrics and for recovery of the simplicity of shapes, without sacrificing precious detail; the exuberance of the innovative creations are met with success continues to rise.