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Since it’s inception, Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers has been a contributor to the local community and charitable organizations. Edward and Faina’s philosophy is firmly rooted in “doing the right thing” both in the present and the future. These principles and ethics are transferred to all facets of the business, such as the ways that they communicate to incoming patrons, and the products and services that are offered.

Edward and Faina’s warm attitude is shown through their desire to be a productive member of the local community as well as contributing to the areas in which they conduct business. Through these acts of kindness, they hope to inspire others to follow their lead.

Like themselves, many clients deeply care about the local community, and various societal issues such as climate change, provision of education and good health for all. Revenue that is generated through transactions and business ventures has always returned to local organizations, and has created a sustainable approach in conducting business.

In order to be taken seriously as a responsible business takes time, and effort. Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers has a strong track record with several organizations and continually reach out to others.

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