Philip Stein Make Everyday A Statement

Philip Stein’s latest campaign: Make Everyday A Statement encompasses the brands vision, mission for bold and daring acts.

“Each passing day of our lives should be regarded as important. It tells our story, our journey. Not just for the remarkable days but also for our everyday moments of ordinary encounters, challenges or mental and emotional disposition. For Philip Stein, everyday matters. More than just being a timepiece, Philip Stein, a luxury well being technology brand, is boldly claiming that everyday deserves a statement, with its latest marketing campaign in the Philippines, ‘Make Everyday A Statement.'”

In order to get this message across, Philip Stein has partnered with Lea Salonga as the purveyor of the campaign. Far from the ideal candidate, she has a long history of successful roles in Broadway productions and many know her for her wonderful singing voice found in Disney classics such as Alladin and Mulan. Aside from these remarkable achievements, she also received the Tony and Olivier trophies for her superior acting skills depicted in a role in Miss Saigon.

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