Pomellato Pom Pom Collection

The Milanese jewelry house Pomellato has decided to add extra sparkle to its already chic offerings with its latest Pom Pom collection. According to Pomellato’s CEO Andrea Morante, this collection was designed to “break the rules of traditional fine jewelry”. To those that enjoy the traditional Pomellato pieces, you will be presently surprised that these one off jewels are the haute couture of the company.

The Pom Pom collection was origianlly launched back in 2007 with the intent to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary, however, the concept, and design stuck and it has become an annual highlight. The line features colorful stones that become the centerfold for the jewelry settings. These eccentric, extravagant, and bold aesthetics are the product of hard work of the firm’s Milanese workshop.

This year’s theme uses the color of the tropics and lush vegetation all expressed in the rich colors of the gemstones. The new bracelets represent the shimmering color of the rainbow and is crafted with hundreds of irregular sizes gems.

Pomellato aficionados will appreciate the distinctive chain design and choice of colors, ranging from sapphire, tanzanite, purple sapphire, aquamarine, Paraiba tourmaline, tsavorite, emerald, canary tourmaline, mandarin garnet, red spinel and pink sapphire.

The Cameo has received an Oriental influenced redesign with dragons carved into the shell by Pomellato craftsman from Torre del Greco.

Pom Pom Rings have intricate designs that are ostensibly seen in the various colors of the knot ring. Using a jungle waterfall as a concept, the foam is uniquely captured in the tanzanite, sapphire and diamond ring that displays beautiful colors across ones hand.

Pomellato has created another innovative, chic, and one of a kind line that is unmatched by many. Through fine craftsmanship, imagination and stylistic freedom, the Pom Pom collection will please old and new Pomellato fans alike.

These beautiful pieces will soon be found at Diamond Dream Fine Jewelers in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Be on the lookout for more information and jewelry pictures!