Pope Paul VI Diamond Jewelry Auction

Pope Paul VI’s 18k gold pectoral cross and platinum ring that has more than 75 carats of diamonds is being sold off by its previous owner, Bill Rau, owner of the fine art and antiques business. It has an interesting lineage of owners which includes the United Nations, and a world renowned daredevil.

Pope Paul VI Diamond Jewelry - Cross
This 18k yellow gold cross is 7 inches in length and decorates with diamonds and Columbian emeralds. There are twelve mine-cut diamonds that range in size from 3 to 8 carats with VVS and VC clarity with other diamonds that run the length and width of the cross totaling more than 60 carats. The emeralds and smaller diamonds fill in the 18k carvings of scrolls and leaves along the edges of the cross. It is valued at $1.25 million.

Pope Paul VI Diamond Jewelry - Diamond Ring
Pope Paul VI’s Diamond ring has a 13-carat round center white diamond that is surrounded by 14 smaller round diamonds, totaling 3.5 carats. It is set in platinum and flanked by two diamond pavé squares on either side, with a cross made of rubies. Valued at $650,000 million.