Researchers use diamonds to find cancer cells

Most people know that diamonds symbolize love, a beginning of a new stage in a couple’s life, power, royalty, fame, beauty, and the traditional saying “a woman’s best friend”. However, many probably will be surprised to know that these illustrious gemstones may soon become a cancer researcher’s best friend as well.

In many medical fields, one of the most important things to researchers is attempting to detect specific tumor cells and stopping them from spreading too far. Bikanta, a biotech company has put fourth researcher through its use of flourescent nanodiamonds in hopes to find proto-tumors before they have a chance to spread.

Nanodiamonds are effective at lighting up the interior of bodies, and the tiny molecular imperfections that may show the signs of shifting cancer cells. These tiny bits of carbon do not degrade over time, which leaves a clearer imaging result with less background noise. The future for nanodiamonds in the medical and various research areas is bright, and may be a component for smart drugs that will target and treat the abnormalities that they find.

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