Scientists use peanut butter to create diamonds

Scientists are always attempting to find how life evolved on our planet, and one way of figuring out this key and complex problem is understanding how diamonds are formed deep in the earth. A team of scientists in Germany, have attempted to create these percious gemstones themselves from carbon dioxide and peanut butter. Although peanut butter is usually thought to be a yummy sandwich spread that goes alongside jam, it can be used to create diamonds.

Dan Frost, a scientist in Germany at the Bayerisches Geoinstitut believes that carbon dioxide plays a large role within the earth’s mantle and the carbon is what helps create the diamonds. It is hypothesized that the carbon was pulled from the Earth’s oceans down into the mantle, where it eventually turned into diamonds.

The hydrogen released from the peanut butter helped create the diamond, but can also ruin the experiment. The diamonds that are created are small, have murky coloring, and are not something that a woman would like to see adorned in their engagement ring or other fine piece of jewelry.

Often, Frost hears a thud and his office floor vibrates, which signifies that one of these experiments has exploded again. Although the scientists in the lab are shocked, and have their pupils dilated with fear, everything in the laboratory is protected. The experiment attempts to mimic the conditions of the Earth’s lower mantle, and involves crushing rocks to some of the highest pressures known to humankind.

The team hopes to find and solve these mysteries of the earth.