Shanghai rediscovers Breguet‘s Watchmaking Innovations

On December 5th, 2014, Breguet celebrated nearly 240 years of innovation by inviting a selection of esteemed journalists in its new lounge in Shanghai, which is located in the luxurious shopping arcades of the Peninsula Hotel.

The interior of the boutique has a modern design that is inspired by the brand’s identifying attributes, hosted the “Breguet, innovations that wrote History… More than 200 patents since 1775” exhibition that retrospectively looks back on a selection of eight decisive inventions of the company. Participants receieved a unique experience by having an opportunity to experience the inventions through high-tech settings.

The exhibition has been traveling throughout the world, and will end its 2014 tour in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) where it will be put on display from December 13-19 in the prestigious boutique, Cheng Tai Watch Co.




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