18th-century jewelry flower designs


Soethby’s will place 23 pen and ink jewelry designs from the late 18th century under the hammer at its London location. These drawings are a perfect glimpse into the old era of decadence and glamor. Both original and rare, these 23 original pen and ink drawings are unique examples of jewelry designs from the 18th century during which the Rococo style was extremely fashionable at the time period.

These life sized designs utilised popular 18th century motifs such as flowers, leaves, ribbons and tassels. The 23 designs are an invaluable source of information that gives us an insight into the jewelry and accessories that would have been worn by men. These pieces include buttons, buckles for shoes, hats and girdles, picture frames, chatelaines for watches, minature cases, sword hilts, and much more.

Many wonderful jewels and jewelry from this specific area have not survived in its original form. Fortunately for us, these pen and ink drawings will allow us to relive that forgone era at Sotheby’s London Fine Jewels sale later this month.


18th-century jewelry sword designs


18th-century jewelry designs - 2

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