This past year we had a chance to visit Marco Bicego’s factory located in the province of Vicenza, Italy, otherwise known as the “gold capital of the world.” Known for his thematic collections of exquisite handcrafted jewelry using white and yellow gold, gemstones, and diamonds, Marco Bicego’s designs are the epitome of Italian sophistication. We were excited to go behind the scenes and see how one of our favorite jewelry collections goes from the drawing board to the showcases inside our store.

To Marco, jewelry has always been a family affair—and he likes to keep it that way. Marco is a second generation jeweler and many of his current employees had worked for his father. The factory is located in Trissina, a quaint town with a population of less than 10,000 where everyone knows each other. Ever since opening its doors in 2008, the sleek, contemporary building has become a feature of this tiny town. As with the other Italian jewelry factories we’ve visited in the past, you would never be able to guess that this is a manufacturing facility.

What struck us the most while walking through the halls was how ostensible everything was! When Marco’s craftsmen finish their work for the day, they leave the piece they are working on right where they left it. These 80 artisans produce all of the company’s jewelry by hand. Also, each precious stone used in the designs is meticulously chosen by expert gemologists to ensure that every piece

produced is of the finest quality.

One of the striking features of the factory is its uniquely designed floor, and its sinks. Each artisan has their work station positioned above the grated floor, designed this way in order to collect any stray pieces of gold and other precious stones that may have fallen during the jewelry making process. The floor is lifted twice a year in order to collect stray pieces so they can be used again. The sinks are similarly designed to collect any gold dust or particles that are washed off jewelers’ hands.

Creating beautiful jewelry all day can surely work up one’s appetite! Fortunately for the Bicego employees, the family-friendly atmosphere continues with their fully-staffed kitchen that provides food around the clock. It is not uncommon to find Marco in the kitchen cooking up delicious Italian dishes for his staff. During our visit, we were fortunate enough to taste some delicious soppressata Marco had made, further proving that his passion for food matches that for his jewelry! Salute Dolce Vita, Il pranzo era ottimo!–have a sweet life and great meals!









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