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This diamond sale is a promotion for the Borsheims Signature Diamond collection. Every individual diamond has a star cut into the cutlet, which gives the stone additional shine and brilliance. They originate from Canada’s Northwest Territory where both the company and its miners used the most environmentally friendly way to extract these precious gemstones.

Alongside the signature is a laser inscribed identification number, a maple leaf (Canada’s flag symbol), and Borsheims name. Buyers and others will be able to easily identify this diamond, as well as pinpoint the origin. Also, every diamond is accompanied by a pamphlet that details its special nature, and a loupe, which wallows the buyer to see the special inscription.

A limited amount of these special diamonds have been mounted on diamond pendant necklaces and will available only at the Century Link Center, which is the site of the Berkshie Hathaway shareholders meeting. This .5 carat diamond pendant necklace would normally retail at $2,500, but shareholders can purchase one for $1,750.

As of now, there are no future plans to sell additional Warren Buffet Signature Diamonds  and no more than 25 pendants or 26 loose stones will be sold over the course of the weekend.