Worlds Most Expensive Diamond Watch

Worlds Most Expensive Diamond Watch

Edward and Faina have landed at BaselWorld 2014 and have begun visiting and viewing various exhibits. Below are several pictures from the Buccellati table where several new pieces were unveiled such as the most World’s most expensive iPad and iPod case made of 18k gold and embossed with diamonds, and beautifully adorned earrings and necklaces.

Also, Graff Diamonds has unveiled its latest timepiece called “Hallucination” on the opening day, which is the world’s most expensive diamond watch. It comes with a kaleidoscope of over 100 carats of rare multi-colored diamonds.

“The Graff Hallucination is a sculptural masterpiece; a celebration of the miracle of colored diamonds” Laurence Graff, said the Chairman of Graff Diamonds. Graff thought about creating a piece that illustrates our passion for diamonds and now the Hallucination made it a reality. A reality that is a surreal $55 million.

This candy colored watch is jaw dropping, and evokes awe from all passers of the exhibitor. It is the creation that was a result of thousands of hours of work by a team of gemologists, designers, and master craftsmen. It is composed with more than 100 carats of fancy colored diamonds. At the center of the piece is a small dial that actually tells the time, but is dwarfed in comparison of the large diamonds that surround it.

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